Accountants' Leads Generation and client Acquisition Marketing and business Promotion Automation System and Services

how it works!

We reach out to small and medium-size business owners and managers, as well as trucking industry owner operators, with an easy to use automated accountant finder system that provides an hassle-free, time saving approach to finding the right accountant or bookkeeper.

We utilize one of the images displayed on the right as an app style link that they simply click to find and retain the services of the right accountant for their business.

To help make it even easier for business owners and managers pressed for time, or just prefer to get a call from an accountant, one of the link is a request an accountant link that they will simply use to send accountants in our network a request to be contacted.  These leads are sent to accountants based on their postal code or zip code. 


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The Value Proposition

Providing accountants and bookkeepers with an exclusive Client Acquisition Marketing, Promotion and leads generation automation system and services at no cost that will position their business, to develop a steady flow of qualified leads referrals and new clients

This way, accountants and bookkeepers in our client acquisition network, will get more clients faster and easier than from any other client acquisition, practice promotion or advertising service system available today. 

In addition, with the low service cost of just $200 per year, less than $0.60 (cents) per day, this is the best valued and service system for getting your accounting practice or bookkeeping business in front of potential clients.

No Contract

No commission to pay for new clients

No Leads acquisition fee

No referral fees to pay


The Strategy

Promote our one-stop accountant and bookkeeper finding service to the Small and Medium sized Business and Owner Operator Trucking Industry and develop the brand proposal as the place these business owner managers and truckers come to find an accountant or bookkeeper.

Business owner managers today, are pressed for time and when it comes to finding an accountants or bookkeeper, they will usually resort to asking a friend.

Our target marketing approach will make us that friend that they can ask a question or connect with.

To achieve this mission, we know that today's business owners and managers are visually motivated. 

As a result we have created a video gallery that promotes the concept designed to become like a subliminal jingle that will always be in their subconscious when asked to refer them to an accountant or when they need an accountant.


The opportunity
This is a mutual benefit opportunity for accountants, bookkeepers and for our service delivery goals in the business community

Accountants and bookkeepers that list their practice or bookkeeping business in our client acquisition automation network, will allow us to quickly develop an available accountants directory network to make it easy for the Business Owners and Managers we bring to the accountants finding network looking for an accountant or bookkeeper near their home-base or office.

The challenge currently is that our accountant finder service system is generating a steady flow of request for accountants and bookkeepers from Small and Medium-size Business Owner Managers and Truckers looking for an accountant near their home/office that we have been unable to connect with a service provider.  So the opportunity for accountants and bookkeepers to get more client to grow their client base and income certainty is enormous and provided at no cost.

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